Economics and Decisions

Economics and Decisions

What Percentage of Products Fail EMC Tests the First Time?

Improve Your Success Rate. Surprisingly, there is not much information out there about electromagnetic interference testing failure rates. It is surprising because so many

Monetary Cost of an EMI Test Failure

Successful Projects Prevent Electromagnetic Interference. Anyone who has been involved in electromagnetic

The Right Blend of Electromagnetic Interference Analysis

Is EMI/EMC an integral part of your product designs? It should be. EMI prevention is essential. Since every electronic device must be electromagnetically compatible and is re

6 Qualities to Look for in Electromagnetic Interference Software

There are two considerations for electromagnetic compatibility: - Self-compatibility - EMC test compliance Self-compatibility fundamentally means that circuit operation in one

5 Reasons You Should Be Using EMI Analysis Software

Does this sound familiar? After more than a year of hard work and long hours your latest project is nearing completion. You're making plans for that long deserved vacation. But th

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