EMI Analysis

EMI Analysis

Prevent Radiated Emissions

Let’s say you are designing a switching power supply. Alternatively, maybe you are purchasing an off-the-shelf power supply module. You need to Read More...

The Effect of Signal Integrity on Electromagnetic Compatibility

Signal integrity becomes more important in electronic design as circuit speeds increase. Faster data rates and shorter rise/fall times make it more challenging to transmit a signal from point A to poi

Common Mode Chokes Reduce Conducted Emissions

Coupled inductor characteristics directly affect conducted emissions and radiated emissions on powe

How Cabling Affects EMI in Unexpected Ways

Electrical cables directly affect electromagnetic interference in a variety of ways. The most obvious is electromagnetic fields. Cables pi

Cabling Affects Electromagnetic Interference in Complex Ways

At EMI Software our focus is electromagnetic interference on cables. Why? Because cables are a central element of most EMI test failures and cables can create some of the most difficult to solve i

What is the Most Challenging Cause of Electromagnetic Interference?

There are so many issues that make EMI difficult, it's hard to pick just one. A few candidates that immediately come to mind are: printed circuit board radiation, enclosure shield

6 Qualities to Look for in Electromagnetic Interference Software

There are two considerations for electromagnetic compatibility: - Self-compatibility - EMC test compliance Self-compatibility fundamentally means that circuit operation in one

5 Reasons You Should Be Using EMI Analysis Software

Does this sound familiar? After more than a year of hard work and long hours your latest project is nearing completion. You're making plans for that long deserved vacation. But th

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