EMI Analyst™ Software Adds Tape Wrapped Shields

New EMI analysis models cable shields wrapped with conductive tape.

Sedona, Arizona, USA, July 29, 2016. The latest release of EMI Analyst™ electromagnetic interference analysis software adds capability to model cable shields wrapped with conductive tape. Shields fabricated with metal foil tape or metalized fabric tape are used extensively in spacecraft and other applications where light weight cable shielding is critical and must be added after cables are fabricated.

EMI Analyst Suite

The new tape wrapped shield models accommodate metal and fabric tapes, with or without adhesive backing. Adhesives may be conductive or non-conductive. Tape wrapped shields round out shield models for EMI Analyst™ which already provides braid, solid, and custom transfer impedance models for electrical cable shields.

Shields fabricated with conductive tape are commonplace in spacecraft and other critical applications,” says Steve Newson, EMC Consultant to EMI Software LLC. “Having the ability to model shield transfer impedance of tape shields compliments EMI Analyst™ capabilities perfectly.

EMI Analyst™ is an electromagnetic interference analysis software suite from EMI Software LLC, Sedona, Arizona. Since 1993 EMI Software has been providing circuit designers, packaging engineers, and EMC professionals with intuitive analysis tools that accurately predict electromagnetic interference.

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