A Short EMI Analyst™ Overview

What is EMI Analyst?

EMI Analyst™ is software that calculates frequency domain electromagnetic interference for cable-connected circuits.

EMI Analyst™ Focuses on the Cause of EMI Problems

Most EMI issues are cable-related.

It is well known in the EMI industry than most products fail at least one electromagnetic interference test on the first try. And most of those failures involve electrical cables.

Cables are electrically long and act as unintentional antennas. They pick-up and radiate fields quite efficiently. Circuitry connected to cabling, or inadvertently coupled to cabling, provides a convenient path for energy transfer to and from cable conductors. Grounding, bonding, and filtering problems often show up on cables.

To make things worse, cable resonances are challenging to predict and are at the heart of many EMI problems.

What Can EMI Analyst™ Do for You?

With emphasis on cable-connected circuitry, EMI Analyst™

* models your design, filtering, and cabling
* calculates EMI performance
* prevents EMI test failures and compatibility problems

It’s ideal for analyzing power converters, inverters, digital data buses, control circuits, and circuitry that carries common mode noise.

EMI Analyst™ is an intuitive software suite that predicts and prevent test failures, aids in designing EMI control measures, and boosts system electromagnetic compatibility.

EMI Analyst™ is intuitive, accurate, and effective.

EMI Analyst™ is a 4-in-1 EMI Analysis Tool

Conducted Emissions – Calculate audio and radio frequency current and voltage emissions. Compare predictions directly to spec limits

Conducted Susceptibility – Compute current and voltage induced by interference injected on or coupled to cabling

Radiated Emissions – Predict electric and magnetic fields radiated from cables. Compare radiation levels directly to test limits

Radiated Susceptibility – Translate electromagnetic fields at cables to current and voltage at circuits

EMI Analyst™ is a Frequency Domain Analysis Tool

EMI Analyst™ handles all industry standards for frequency domain electromagnetic interference. Tailor limits and setups to fit your unique EMC requirements. EMI Analyst â„¢ works in tandem with your time domain analysis tools to accurately simulate your designs.

Effective for all industry segments. Military, Medical, Industrial, Automotive, Commercial Aircraft, Space

EMI Analyst™ is a Solution-Focused Tool

Quickly analyze circuits for EMI performance

* Understand design trade-offs
* Optimize design
* Pass EMI tests

Based on solid engineering principles

* Hundreds of technical papers & dozens of engineering texts, combined with
* Computer-aided circuit analysis
* Transmission line theory
* Method-of-moments field solver

Innovative analysis method and process

* US Patent #7,222,033

Why Use EMI Analyst™?

EMI Analyst™ will pay for itself quickly. Often on the first project!

1. Proactively design to pass EMC tests. Reduce EMI problems and rework
2. Gain insight. Discover resonances, filter behavior, cabling and test setup effects, potential problems, and effectiveness of competing design options
3. Engineer EMC. Substantiate design decisions, create EMI deliverables, document EMC efforts, build on previous design knowledge

What Else Can EMI Analyst™ Do?

EMI Analyst™ has capabilities to perform many types of design assessments and analyses. A partial list of things you can calculate with EMI Analyst™ are:

– Switching power supply conducted emissions
– Bulk current injection on power or signal cables
– Induced current and voltage from external electromagnetic fields
– Electric fields radiated from cables
– Customized emissions limits
– Tailored susceptibility test levels
– Expanded frequency range analysis
– Fourier transforms of native and imported waveforms
– Spectral system response
– Circuit waveform simulation
– Common mode current induced by circuit switching
– Radiated magnetic fields from cables
– Common mode voltage induced by circuitry
– Linear or logarithmic frequency range
– Closed loop, open loop or substitution method conducted susceptibility injection
– Variable field angle and polarization susceptibility analysis
– Emitted field at any distance from cables
– Current and voltage at any point on any cable conductor
– Transfer impedance of braided shields, solid shields, and tape wrapped shields
– Impedance of pigtail shield terminations
– Simulate test equipment setup for all standards
– Assess the EMC impact of design changes
– Effects of varying any design analysis parameter
– EMI Control Plans content creation
– Qualification-by-similarity analyses
– Filter insertion loss calculations
– Trade studies
– Resonance prediction and mitigation

Knowledge is Power

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