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Circular Loop Inductance

Circular Loop Inductance

Circular Loop Inductance Model
Inductance of a circular wire loop is:
Units: Henries

The inductance calculated using this tool is the inductance of a circular loop of wire.
To calculate the inductance of a multi-turn circular wire loop, multiply the above formula by N2, where N is the number of turns.

Assumptions and Limitations
Dimensions are in meters.
Wire is assumed to have circular cross section.
Loop diameter is assumed to be much larger than wire diameter.
Current in the wire is assumed to be uniformly distributed across its cross section.
Wire is assumed to reside in a homogeneous medium having permeability u0ur-formula.

Permeability of free space: Formula, Permeability of Free Space H/m

Reference: “Inductance Loop and Partial”, C.R. Paul, Wiley, 2010.


Wire radius
Loop diameter


Inductance: L = 
4.417e-7 H