Test Failures
EMI Analyst™ software efficiently and cost-effectively
predicts and prevents the #1 cause of
electromagnetic interference.
Electromagnetic Interference
Learn to identify and fix EMI problems early.
Avoid redesign, retest, delays, and cost overruns.
Prevent Electromagnetic Interference
Visualize Compatibility
Calculate and compare directly to industry standards.
Be electromagnetically quiet and error-free in any environment.
EMI Analyst™ is a 4-in-1 Tool
Model. Simulate. Integrate.
Create robust designs, optimized filtering, and effective shielding.
Visualize electromagnetic effects so you can quickly and
confidently apply the right EMI controls.
Amplify Your Expertise
Prepared confidence
Deliver on-time and on-budget with lower
testing costs and reduced redesign.
Celebrate Success

EMI Analyst™ Software
Practical Electromagnetic Interference Analysis

The EMI Analyst™ Suite

Available Bundled or Separately

Conducted Emissions - CE Analyst™ - EMI Analyst™ Suite

CE Analyst™

Conducted emissions calculator for power lines and interconnecting cable bundles.

CS Analyst™

Conducted susceptibility solver for interference injected on electrical cables.

RE Analyst™

Radiated emissions computation engine for power and signal lines.

RS Analyst™

Radiated susceptibility
field-to-wire coupling analysis tool.

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EMI Analyst™ suite includes:

CE Analyst™ calculates radio frequency current and voltage conducted on electric circuit wiring.

RE Analyst™ predicts electric and magnetic fields radiated from conductors carrying radio frequency energy.

CS Analyst™ calculates voltage and current induced by interference injected on circuit conductors.

RS Analyst™ calculates interference induced in circuits when electromagnetic fields meet electrical cables.

Cable Connected Circuitry is the biggest cause of electromagnetic interference

Compared to printed circuit board traces, electrical cables are usually much longer and more efficient at radiating and picking up electromagnetic fields.

Even very small levels of radio frequency energy can cause interference.

Cable connected circuits are the root cause of most EMC laboratory test failures.

EMI Analyst™ gives engineers tools to calculate both emissions and susceptibility. Protect and control interference by optimizing circuit design, filtering, and shielding.

Quick to Learn and Use

EMI Analyst™ is intuitive frequency domain analysis software that efficiently and cost-effectively predicts emissions and susceptibility. We’ve done the hard work for you by bridging the gap between circuit design and electromagnetics.

EMI Analyst™ models electronic systems using physical and electrical parameters readily available to circuit designers.

EMI Analyst™ Software Provides Exceptional Value

Based on solid engineering principles, EMI Analyst™ leverages transmission line theory, 3-d field solvers, network theory, parasitic elements, linear algebra, proprietary models, and hundreds of formulas developed by the greatest minds in electrical engineering, physics, and computational mathematics.

EMI Analyst™ integrates advanced simulation tools that allow you to quickly and accurately simulate your cabling and cable-connected circuits. Why cables? Cable-related interference is the biggest cause of EMI test failures and real-world interference problems.


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