Frequently Asked Questions – EMI Analyst™

EMI Software FAQ – How It Works

EMI Analyst™ is computer analysis software that calculates frequency domain electromagnetic interference for cable-connected circuitry and equipment.

EMI Analyst™ is an intuitive, solution-focused software tool that models circuitry, filtering, wiring, and shields. Why? Circuitry connected to electrical cables is responsible for most EMI problems.

Electromagnetic Interference has four quadrants.
EMI Analyst™ has four applications.

EMI Analyst™ combines all four applications into a single integrated program that runs on Microsoft Windows®.

Frequently Asked Questions – EMI Analyst™ FAQ - EMI Software FAQ

Calculate Interference For

  • Input and output power converters
  • Digital data buses such as RS-485, Ethernet, CAN bus, and USB
  • Control Inputs/Outputs
  • Status Inputs/Outputs
  • Analog instrumentation

Start to Finish EMI Analysis

  • Conducted emissions
  • Radiated emissions
  • Conducted susceptibility/immunity)
  • Radiated susceptibility/immunity)
  • Compare directly to limits

Design Trade-Offs

  • Waveform shaping
  • Common mode parasitics
  • EMI filter topology and component values
  • Cable shielding and terminations

Shield Design

  • Shielding effectiveness
  • Transfer impedance and admittance
  • Braid optical coverage, weave, gauge, material
  • Metalized tape shields
  • Termination method, materials, and dimensions
  • Termination impedance

Incremental Analyses

  • Field-to-wire coupling
  • Wire to field radiation
  • Filter insertion loss
  • Cable input impedance
  • Circuit impedance
  • Waveform spectrums

Cabling Variables

  • Height above ground
  • Cable length
  • Twisting
  • Shield design and termination

EMI Filter Design

  • Insertion loss
  • Parasitic elements
  • Topology
  • Component effects
  • Resonances


  • Qualification by Similarity analysis
  • Input Impedance
  • Control common mode conducted emissions
  • Control radiation caused by common mode noise
  • Effect of signal integrity on radiated emissions

EMI Analyst™ provides a bridge between circuit analysis and electromagnetic interference.
Using common circuit analysis techniques, EMI Analyst™ frees electrical engineers from complex EMI modeling and calculations and lets them focus on making sure their designs are free of interference.
Put just the right amount of EMI protection in your circuitry. Ensure a robust design without over-designing.
EMI Analyst™ integrates four analysis tools into a single program.

Conducted Emissions –
Compare voltage and current levels directly to specification limits. CE Analyst™ data sheet.

Conducted Susceptibility –
Simulate interference induced by bulk cable injection. CS Analyst™ data sheet.

Radiated Emissions –
Model cabling, filtering and shielding to predict field radiation levels. RE Analyst™ datasheet.

Radiated Susceptibility –
See just how much noise couples from electromagnetic fields. RS Analyst™ datasheet.

EMI Analyst™ seamlessly employs several analysis methodologies when calculating electromagnetic interference. The blend of algorithms and computation engines depends on the type of analysis.

EMI Analyst™ integrates full wave 3D field solver, network analysis, multi-conductor transmission theory, linear algebra, and numerical analysis methods.

Each of EMI Analyst™’s four applications uses a different mix of methods to achieve accurate, efficient results.

Conducted Emissions

Conducted emissions are calculated using CE Analyst™, one of four applications that comprise the EMI Analyst™ software suite.
CE Analyst™ uses network analysis and transmission line theory to calculate frequency domain current and voltage conducted on power and signal lines.
Active circuits produce both differential mode and common mode signals. CE Analyst™ accounts for both, and models the complex interactions between the waveforms, filtering, cabling, and circuitry in the system. The analysis clearly graphs current and voltage conducted on the cables and distributed to each circuit element, and shows how it compares to conducted emissions limits.
See the CE Analyst™ product page for more information.

Conducted Susceptibility

CS Analyst™ rapidly computes voltage and current induced by interference coupled to power and signal wiring.
Low-frequency electromagnetic fields and bulk current injection tests induce noise on cable conductors that can interfere with cable-connected circuits. The induced waveforms redistribute in complex, sometimes unexpected ways as they propagate along the cable length.
Mutual inductance and capacitance between cable conductors cause energy injected at one point to show up elsewhere at different levels. The voltage that appears at the end circuits has the potential to upset susceptible circuits or even cause damage.
CS Analyst™ uses network analysis and transmission line theory to calculate how injected frequency domain signals distribute along the cable length, propagate through connectors, interconnect wiring, EMI filtering, and induce interference at critical circuits connected to the conductors.
Use CS Analyst™ to design systems and equipment that are compliant with conducted susceptibility and conducted immunity requirements.
See the CS Analyst™ product page for more information.

Radiated Emissions

RE Analyst™ computes electric and magnetic fields radiated from cable conductors.
Fields emitted when radio frequency current and voltage flows on conductors is a significant source of electromagnetic interference. Controlling this radiation is one of the most challenging aspects of electronic system design.
RE Analyst™ handles it easily. The software computes field levels any distance from the cable using a full wave 3D field solver, and provides horizontally and vertically polarized field levels. RE Analyst™ uses the physical properties of the cables and the electrical characteristics of the circuitry connected to the cables and produces results that are directly comparable to specified radiated emissions limits. It even takes into account cable shielding.
See the RE Analyst™ product page for more information.

Radiated Susceptibility

RS Analyst™ calculates field to wire coupling.
When exposed to electromagnetic fields, the coupling between the field and cable and between conductors within the cable creates complex distributions of voltage and current. As the induced signals propagate the length of the line, resonant effects and interaction with circuit elements sometimes produce surprising voltage and current levels. EMI Analyst™ uses transmission line computation methods and network analysis to calculate induced effects.
Levels induced on each conductor and in the circuitry at each of the cables are solved and displayed. The effectiveness of each protective element is evident, so shielding, filtering, and circuitry can be optimized to operate in the presence of electromagnetic fields.

You do not have to be an EMI expert to use EMI Analyst™.

It is only necessary to have a basic understanding of EMI test requirements and setups and to have an electrical engineering background.
EMI Analyst™ was developed specifically to allow electrical engineers with a working knowledge of EMI requirements to perform expert analysis, even if you are not yet an EMI expert.

However, many of our users are EMI experts.

That’s because EMI Analyst™ offers capabilities that are essential for designing EMI controls. Top EMI consultants and EMC engineers rely on EMI Analyst™ for analyzing and optimizing their designs.

As you use EMI Analyst™ your understand of electromagnetic interference grows. Seeing the effect that each system element has on EMI reinforces what you already know and provides insights into the complex interactions that make EMI such a challenging subject.

EMI Analyst™ does not require a high-end workstation.
The software runs on any PC or laptop running Windows. Of course, more RAM, more CPU cores, and a faster clock will speed up your analyses. Most EMI Analyst™ analyses run in just a few minutes. However, some analyses may take several hours, particularly for long cables and high frequencies. For those times, more processing power reduces analysis time.

EMI Analyst™ licenses are available for installation on your computer or network server, or access through our cloud platform.


EMI Analyst™ does not require special hardware, and can be run on most desktop or laptop computers. Of course, having a faster multi-core processor with more RAM allows for faster computation.

Windows 7 or later, 32-bit or 64-bit
1 USB port, 2.0 or later
4 GB RAM or more
200 MB hard drive space


All that is needed to run EMI Analyst™ on our cloud platform is an Internet connection.

Internet access
Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive account

Refer to the EMI Analyst™ datasheets for additional information.

CE Analyst™ datasheet
CS Analyst™ datasheet
RE Analyst™ datasheet
RS Analyst™ datasheet


EMI Analyst™ has licensing options for every need

Purchased or Leased

Perpetual or Temporary

Single or Multi-User

Installed on your equipment or Ours

A cloud license has several advantages.

No software to install or maintain.
No maintenance contracts. Latest version is always available.
Any number of users may share the license, one simultaneously.
Flexible licensing

Our Most Popular Licenses Are:

  • Purchased

    License is perpetual and installed on your computer system or network server. This license option is the most traditional and is still a good option for many users.

  • On-site Single-User

    Licensed to a single person

  • On-site Network

    Available to multiple users on the server, up to the number seats purchased.

  • Leased

    License is valid for a fixed period, usually one year. However, shorter lease periods are available. The lease may be renewed at the end of lease period. Leasing can be a good option for a short term project or when budget constraints make purchasing prohibitive.

  • On-site Single-User

    Licensed to a single person

  • On-site Network

    Available to multiple users on the server, up to the number seats purchased

  • Cloud

    EMI Analyst™ On Demand software is installed on our servers and run using just a browser. Operate the software anywhere you have an Internet connection. From your desktop, laptop, or tablet. Mac or PC.

If you have never considered remote computing, learn more.

License pricing is a function of the license type and terms.

Please contact EMI Software sales for pricing information.

Maintenance contracts, available for perpetual licenses, provide users with the latest upgrades and updates as they become available.

Maintenance contracts are priced at 20% of the purchase price if purchased with the license. Please contact EMI Software sales for pricing information for post-sale or expired maintenance contracts.

Maintenance software updates are delivered by electronic download.

EMI Analyst™ licenses

We accept most major credit cards, purchases orders, and company checks for purchases within the United States and Canada. Use your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card to place an order.

Company purchase orders and checks drawn on a U.S. bank are accepted for sales to businesses located within the United States and Canada.

International sales are by processed using electronic funds transfer or Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card.

The software ships at no additional cost via Federal Express ground service for most shipments within the United States and Canada. Shipment via FedEx overnight service, United Parcel Service, or U.S. Postal Service is also available at additional cost. Please contact us for pricing on shipment methods other than FedEx ground.


Technical support is available free of charge for installation-related problems and issues related to the proper functioning of the application software.

Please refer to the Technical Support page for information about obtaining technical support for any of our software programs.

EMI Analyst™ is designed to be easy to learn and use. Many engineers put EMI Analyst™ to use quickly with no additional instruction. However, EMI Software can provide training materials and instruction tailored to your specific needs and level of expertise. Please contact us for pricing and scheduling.

Consulting support is available on an hourly basis to assist you in setting up and performing EMI analyses using EMI Analyst™. Please visit our support page for more information.

Trial Version

For qualified prospective customers, EMI Analyst™ may be evaluated using our cloud platform.

The evaluation software is fully functional and allows full access to all EMI Analyst™ capabilities.

Please Contact EMI Software to arrange for your evaluation.