• Predict and Prevent

    Electromagnetic Compatibility for All Your Designs

    • Switch Mode Power Converters
    • Power Inverters and Motor Controllers
    • Interface Circuits
    • High Speed Data Lines
    • More
  • Integrated Applications

    Four Cohesive Tools for Thorough Analysis

    • CE Analyst™: Conducted Emissions
    • CS Analyst™: Conducted Susceptibility
    • RE Analyst™: Radiated Emissions
    • RS Analyst™: Radiated Susceptibility
  • Perform Expert Analysis

    Even If You Are Not Yet an EMI Expert

    • Bridge Circuit Design and Electromagnetics
    • Intuitive, User-Friendly
    • Enhance Your EMI Expertise
    • Gain Insight into Circuit EMI/EMC Characteristics
  • Proactively Control EMI

    For Efficient, Cost-Effective Interference Solutions

    • Predict Interference Before It Occurs
    • Design More Robust Circuitry
    • Pass EMI Tests
    • Avoid Costly Redesign and Retest
  • Purchase EMI Analyst™

    Single-User or Network Licenses for Your Entire Design Team

    • Single-User or Network Licenses
    • Short Learning Curve, Immediate Benefits
    • Cut EMI/EMC Testing Costs
    • Ideal for EMI Control Plans
    • Intuitive, Powerful Tool for EMI Experts and Design Engineers
  • Lease EMI Analyst™

    Scalable for Short Term Projects or Limited Budgets

    • Full EMI Analyst™ Capabilities
    • No Software to Install or Maintain
    • Always Latest Version
    • Low Upfront Cost

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Our Unique Perspective

EMI Software has been bridging the gap between circuit design and EMI since 1993 by providing circuit designers, packaging engineers, and EMC professionals with intuitive modeling tools that accurately predict electromagnetic interference. We believe software analysis tools should provide real value so we’ve designed EMI Analyst™ with powerful analysis capabilities available nowhere else, while making sure EMI Analyst™ is easy to learn and use. EMI design tools should be affordable and shouldn’t require a full-time analysis specialist to use them. Any electrical engineer with rudimentary knowledge of EMI can take advantage of EMI Analyst’s™ powerful capabilities. EMI Analyst™ should be part of every electrical engineer’s design tool kit. EMI Software is a privately held corpotationa based in Sedona, USA.

The EMI Analyst™ Suite

Available Bundled or Separately

CE Analyst™

Conducted emissions calculator for power lines and interconnecting cable bundles

CS Analyst™

Conducted susceptibility solver for interference injected on electrical cables

RE Analyst™

Radiated emissions computation engine for power and signal lines

RS Analyst™

Radiated susceptibility field-to-wire coupling analysis tool


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Sedona, AZ 86341
Telephone: (928) 592-5219
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