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EMI Analyst™ is a 4-in-1 analysis and design tool that predicts electromagnetic interference performance of cable-connected circuits. It bridges the gap between circuit design and electromagnetics, giving designers the ability to optimize electromagnetic compatibility and pass EMI tests.

Using EMI Analyst™ Suite can save thousands of dollars on each product design.

Consider these facts:

Every electronic product must meet EMC requirements.
Nearly every product fails certification testing the first time through the lab.
Fixing EMI problems is expensive. It costs many times more to fix an interference problem than to prevent it.
Certification testing costs $1,500/day – $2,500/day.
Troubleshooting, retrofit, redesign and re-test add significant cost to product development and delays production and delivery.

EMI Analyst™ Suite combines intuitive modeling with state-of-the-art electromagnetic theory to provide EMI predictions that were previously unavailable to design engineers and EMC professionals.

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