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CE Analyst™ – Conducted Emissions Analysis Software

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CE Analyst™ is an advanced software tool that allows you to quickly calculate conducted emissions produced by electronic circuits.

Calculate conducted emissions produced by your circuits
Design EMI filtering optimized for your requirements
Minimize EMC design and test cycle time

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Design Circuits that Pass EMI Tests

CE Analyst™ translates circuit waveforms to conducted emissions using the same setup as the test lab and overlays the results on your specific CE limit. Account for EMI filter performance, cable resonances, ground planes, line impedance stabilization networks, cable shielding and termination, and common mode paths.

Use CE Analyst to

Predict conducted emissions compliance
Optimize EMI filter designs
Troubleshoot CE outages

Analyze your designs

Switch mode power converters
Serial digital data lines
Interconnecting signal cables

Watch the CE Analyst™ overview video

(The CE Analyst™ overview video is under development.
In the meantime please enjoy this EMI Analyst introductory video.)

For more details check out the : CE Analyst™ data sheet.

Advanced features

Compare circuit performance directly to conducted emissions limits
Plot results as 2D or 3D graphs
Differential mode and common mode