CS Analyst™ – Conducted Susceptibility Analysis Software

CS Analyst™ allows you to rapidly compute voltage and current induced by interference that is coupled to power and signal wiring by low frequency electromagnetic fields and injected test signals.

Protect Circuits Without Over-Design

CS Analyst™ computes the complex interactions between circuits, filtering, and cabling to give clear prediction of audio and radio frequency noise induced by external interference. Be sure circuits are adequately protected from noise and resonances by evaluating effects of shielding, filter topology, grounding, and circuit sensitivity.


Simulate Bulk Current

Injection Test Methods

Assess EMI filter


Optimize Circuit Protection

Optimize Cable Shielding

Simulate Interference

  • Identify and fix design deficiencies

  • Visualize standing waves and resonance

  • Spend less time at the EMI lab


Optimize Protection

  • Compute differential mode and common mode interference

  • Optimize EMI filtering

  • Cable shields and shield terminations

Watch the Conducted Susceptibility – CS Analyst™ overview video

(The CS Analyst™ overview video is under development. In the meantime please enjoy this EMI Analyst introductory video.)

Essential Features

Compare circuit performance directly to conducted emissions limits

Predict circuit degradation, upset, or damage

Simulate MIL-STD-461, RTCA/DO-160, EN 61000-4-X and more

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