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EMI Analyst™ – Intuitive EMI Analysis Software

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EMI Analyst™ is the industry standard for companies serious about controlling EMI development and testing costs.

Electromagnetic interference can be challenging. EMI controls are often misapplied, resulting in over-designed or, more often, under-designed protection. EMI Analyst™ eliminates the guesswork. Four integrated applications rapidly model interference sources, EMI filters, cables, and shielding, with results compared directly to EMI limits.

EMI Analyst™ makes easy work of complex simulations and calculations, freeing engineer time and resources to concentrate on what you do best.

Quickly assess

Predict EMI test compliance
Optimize filter and shield design
Eliminate retest and redesign
Deliver on time and on budget

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CE Analyst™ CS Analyst™ RE Analyst™ RS Analyst™

Essential Features

Compare results directly to EMI test limits
Design EMI filters that work perfectly
Analyze every EMI requirement in the frequency domain