RE Analyst™ – Radiated Emissions Analysis Software

RE Analyst™ is an advanced software tool that allows you to easily calculate radiated emissions produced by electronic systems.

Ensure your Design is EMI Compliant

Radiated emissions from cabling are the most common cause of
EMI test failures.
RE Analyst™ computes cable radiation, providing immediate prediction for changes in circuit waveforms, EMI filtering, cable shielding, and terminations. Better modeling yields better designs.


Ensure your design is

Compliant before testing

Optimize Filtering, Shielding

And circuit design

Prevent Costly Redesign

And retest

Compute Field Radiation

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    Predict cable radiated emissions

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    Find and fix design issues

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    Spend less time at the EMI lab

Simulate Shielding and Filtering

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    Compute differential & common mode interference

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    Optimize EMI filtering

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    Cable shields and shield terminations

Watch the Radiated Emissions – RE Analyst™ overview video

(The RE Analyst™ overview video is under development. In the meantime please enjoy this EMI Analyst introductory video.)

Essential Features

Compare directly to radiated emissions limits

Compute field at any distance (near or far field)

Horizontal and vertical polarization

Electric and magnetic fields

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