RS Analyst™ – Radiated Susceptibility Analysis Software

RS Analyst™ makes quick work of calculating current and voltage induced on electrical cables and interface circuits by external electromagnetic fields.

Design for Immunity to Electromagnetic Fields

RS Analyst™ computes voltage and current induced when electric fields encounter power and interconnecting cable bundles. Easily trade off design options to achieve optimal performance and assurance that your system will operate flawlessly during EMI Tests and in the real world electromagnetic environment.


Simulate Your Specific

Field Level Requirements

Optimize Filtering, Shielding

Circuit Design

Prevent Costly Redesign

And Retest

Compute Field-to-Wire Coupling

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    Interference voltage induced at circuitry

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    Predict upset, degradation, or damage

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    Pass RS EMI tests

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    Simulate as-tested conditions

Assess Circuit Protection

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    Effectiveness of EMI filtering

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    Shielding effectiveness

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    Shield termination methods

Watch the Radiated Susceptibility – RS Analyst™ overview video

(The RS Analyst™ overview video is under development. In the meantime please enjoy this EMI Analyst introductory video.)

Essential Features

Evaluate any electric field environment

Compute at any polarization and incident angle

Simulate MIL-STD-461, RTCA/DO-160, EN 61000-4-3 and more

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